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The prom court has been crowned, the last dances have been announced, and the magic of prom night is officially over. Still, you’re high on adrenaline and energy and not quite ready to say goodnight to your dream date or your best friends. If this is the scenario you picture, a killer after-prom activity is just for you. After-prom activities don’t often require the same glamorous style as prom, and, chances are, you are ready to step out of your dress and relax a little, anyway. To keep a glamorous, but more casual and relaxed look, try one of these after-prom outfit ideas.

  • A sexy, light cocktail dress is perfect for a more formal after-prom gathering. You will look flirty and feminine without being too constricted.
  • For a more relaxed atmosphere, try pairing a tunic or halter-top with a denim skirt. You can also keep your hair and makeup as it is (assuming it held up) without looking too mismatched.
  • For a slightly more casual activity or an activity that will involve a lot of physical movement, try pairing the tunic or halter-top from above with jeans or knee-length gaucho pants.
  • If you are planning an outside after prom-activity, be sure to bring along a shrug jacket or sweater. This light cover-up will go with any of the outfits above and won’t detract from your relaxed glam style.
  • Pair any of the outfits above with a low-heeled, strappy sandal for a fashionable and relaxed look.
If the idea of an after-prom activity sounds tempting to you, but you haven't made any plans yet, check out a couple of the ideas below for a fun, memorable event.
  • First, check to see if your high school is offering any post-prom parties. Your school-sponsored party can be a great way to keep the night going in a safe atmosphere. Some school activities might include rock climbing, laser tag, obstacle courses, or casino games.
  • Plan to meet your group at a friend’s house after the prom. Pass out assignments for snacks and sodas beforehand or order in pizza. You can bring movies, CDs, and games or you can just hang out and talk the night away.
  • Go to a comedy club after the prom. Some comedy clubs may even feature group rates with unlimited soft drinks. Before you go to the club on the night of the prom, be sure that it is friendly to under-21 visitors.
  • For an unconventional activity, go to an unusual after-prom venue like a bowling alley, ice skating rink, or pool hall. You may get some stares (especially if you keep the formal wear), but you’ll have a relaxed, memorable time with your friends.
  • If you have some extra money to spend and live near a body of water, treat yourself to an after-prom cruise on a cabana boat. You’ll feel like a celebrity as you chat over virgin cocktails with your friends on the deck.
  • Go to a local nightclub to keep the dancing going. Some nightclubs may stop serving alcohol and open their doors to high school students on prom nights.
No matter what you choose to do after prom, be sure to capture the entire evening in your mind as one of the most magical events of your life.

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