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Tips to Avoid Beauty Mishaps

You cant prepare for every possibility of disaster on your prom night, but you can certainly be sure that you look great for any adventure that comes your way. To guarantee a comfortable, beautiful look, follow the list below of things to avoid on your prom day:

  • Getting a new haircut. In fact, you may want to begin growing your hair out a couple of months before prom if you are planning to wear it up.
  • Trying something new and tricky (like false eyelashes or plucked eyebrows) for the first time.
  • Getting a too complicated, heavily hair-sprayed style. Your hair may look nice, but you will regret it when you want to be comfortable later in the evening.
  • Choosing shoes that are completely ridiculous and uncomfortable. We all know that beauty hurts, but you should be able to walk in your shoes without flinching. Be sure to try the stair test out on your shoes; if you cant make it up and down a flight of stairs easily, you may want to consider different shoes.
  • Selecting a dress that is too tight. You should be able to move comfortably in your dress without worrying about ripping seams or coming out of it.
  • Choosing a dress style you are not comfortable in. Its far more important to have fun at prom than to show curves and skin.
  • Using a new makeup artist or hair stylist for the first time.
  • Going to a tanning salon for the first time; tanned skin looks better in photos but sunburned skin is painful and unattractive.

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