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Prom Dress Highlight - The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is the pride of most women’s closets. It is the versatile, sexy dress that can be called upon at a moment’s notice to transform a woman from ordinary to glamorous. The little black dress can also be a great prom dress, because, after all, it’s never too early to start filling your closet with nightclub and cocktail attire. The little black dress is sexy, fun, flattering, and perfect for this prom season. If black is, and always will be, the hottest color for your prom season, below are some tips for accessorizing and puling off a sexy little black dress at your prom:

Hair: A little black dress usually has very little coverage in the shoulders and neck and calls for a killer up-do to highlight the area. Our recommendation is a classic French Twist. Depending on your personality and unique style, you can tuck the ends in or curl them out for more flare.

Make-up: Black has a tendency to drain color from the face so a good amount of well-blended blush is necessary for the right look. If you have dark eyes, the black of your dress will draw them out, and a little mascara and shimmery eye shadow are all that’s necessary. If you have light eyes, lengthen your eyelashes with a couple coats of mascara and apply a silvery lavender shadow. Bright red lipstick looks glamorous and fun with a little black dress, but you can soften the look slightly with a dusky rose shade instead. Be sure to apply plenty of gloss for a wet shine.

Shoes: With a little black dress, you will want a shoe with a high heel to lengthen and tone the appearance of your legs. For a formal affair like prom, try pairing the little black dress with a strappy black sandal or slingback shoe. A silver evening shoe is also a good alternative companion.

Accessories: A little black dress just screams for a little black purse as accompaniment. Just make sure the purse is large enough to fit all of your essential items without bulging. For jewelry, try adding lots of rhinestone beads and bracelets. You can add some rhinestones to your hairstyle, but save the tiara for a more conventional ball gown.

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