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How to Determine Your Bra Size

As a teenager, your body is constantly changing, so it is important to re-measure your cup size before you buy a new bra. These simple steps will help you find the perfect fit:

  1. Determine your band size by measuring around your rib cage, directly beneath your bust. Add five inches to this measurement to calculate your bust size. For example, if you measured 29 inches, your correct band size is 34 inches.
  2. Determine your cup size by measuring your bust at its fullest point (directly over your breasts). Once you have this number, subtract your band size number from it. The difference between the two measurements will help you determine your cup size:
    1. Less than 1 inch difference equals AA cup
    2. 1 inch difference equals A cup
    3. 2 inch difference equals B cup
    4. 3 inch difference equals C cup
    5. 4 inch difference equals D cup
    6. 5 inch difference equals DD cup

Your correct bra size is a combination of your band size and your cup size. A perfect fit in your bra will give you the best look in your prom dress.
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