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If you are like most girls, you probably have one or two features on your body that you love and wouldn’t mind showing off, as well as one or two features (or more) that you’d like to hide under a paper bag or trade in. The absolutely wonderful thing about a well-designed prom dress is that it can make your good features shine and your less desirable features dim in comparison. You know that not every celebrity has a perfect body, but you could almost never guess that fact when you see them in their evening gowns. Why not take a lesson from the celebrities? If you have a feature you absolutely love on your body, take a look at the tips below to customize your dress to that feature. Your beautiful, flattering dress awaits you.

Curves: A sexy, curvy, Marilyn Monroe body merits some well-deserved attention. To highlight your hourglass figure, choose a ball gown with a full skirt and a boned corset. The corset will flatter your waist and display your luscious hips and bust while the full skirt will hide any unwanted weight in the legs and thighs.

Small Waist: To highlight and draw attention to a tiny waist, try a belted dress with a sash or tie at the middle. Any extra detail at your waist will draw eyes toward your tiny middle and away from less flattering features.

Great Calves: To draw eyes down toward your sexy, hard-won calf muscles, try a full-skirted dress that falls just at the knee. This flirty dress style is trendy and popular for the season and will highlight the sexy, lower part of your legs. An at-the-knee cut is also one of the most flattering dress cuts for women.

Sexy Back: If you have great, toned back muscles and want to show them off, try wearing a backless gown. Guys will hardly be able to look away from you on the dance floor while your strong upper body is delicately framed in a flattering gown. Be sure to invest in a strapless, backless bra so you have adequate support in the front.

Toned Shoulders: If years of volleyball or basketball have given you sexy, toned shoulders, try wearing a strapless gown with a heart-shaped bodice. The shaping will flatter and draw attention to your sexy arms. Also, be sure to wear your hair up for complete flaunting of your upper body.

Voluptuous Bust: To display a sexy bust, try a dress with a plunging neckline to exhibit just a hint of cleavage and wide straps to hide your bra. Use a brooch, flower, bow, or other accessory between your breasts to draw attention to that flattering feature. Just be careful to wear a bra with adequate support to give shaping to your sexy breasts.

Flat, Sexy Abs: To show off your model-thin stomach and muscular abs, try a dress in a light, pastel color with semi-sheer paneling at the waist. The paneling will reveal just a hint of skin for seductive flare while the light color will give you a flirty, fun look.

To-Die-For Legs: To draw eyes and attention toward your sexy legs, try a gown with an asymmetrical hem to show off just a hint of leg for some innocent allure. The asymmetrical gown is more elegant and formal than a miniskirt and is guaranteed to be more flattering than a straight off cut.

Fabulous Butt: If you have a great butt and aren’t afraid to show if off a little, try a dress with ruffles or other accents in the back to draw eyes toward your butt. The ruffles will flatter a sexy butt in a flirtier, more feminine way than skin-tight fabric.

One of these styles is sure to please both you and your date, so choose your favorite feature and flatter it shamelessly.

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