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Make-up Basics

On prom night, you will want to create a glamorous, out-of-the ordinary look with your make-up. Still, it is important to have a good normal base of makeup to work with so you don’t end up looking too made up or not at all like yourself. The key to prom beauty is to look like yourself with a little added glamour. When doing your makeup before the prom (which we suggest doing yourself ­ you will end up with a more natural look and a little more money in your purse), apply a base of makeup following the suggestions below:

Preparation: Be sure your face is clean and properly moisturized. Makeup blends best into moisturized skin. Also, if possible, put your dress on before doing your makeup to prevent any stains or smudges that might get on the dress while slipping it over your head.

Step 1: Use your index finger to gently cover any dark circles under your eyes with a concealer that is one shade lighter than the rest of your skin.

Step 2: If you have any unfortunate prom-night zits or blemishes (they happen to the best of us), cover them with a foundation that is the exact color of your skin. Step back from the mirror and see if your skin has any blotches or redness. If so, blend these patches with a little more foundation. If you cannot find a foundation the exact color of your skin, choose a slightly darker shade. A light foundation will appear to sit on your face and will not blend as well.

Step 3: Set your makeup by lightly covering your face with a small amount of powder. If you do not use powder, your concealer will disappear before the night is over.

Step 4: Groom your brows by combing them up and across with a brow brush or toothbrush (used only for this purpose!). If you have thin brows, softly apply eye shadow to fill the brows in and give them a fuller appearance. Do not tweeze or pluck your brows on the night of the prom. This will cause noticeable redness and irritation.

Step 5: Use your finger or a brush to apply shimmery shadow to your eyelids. A silvery lavender shade is flattering for almost everyone, but you can experiment with the shade based upon your natural complexion and the color of your dress.

Step 6: Apply some cream blush to give your cheeks a touch of color. Start at the apple of the cheek and blend the blush up and then down with a full brush. Turn to the side to be sure the blush is fully blended. The perfect color of blush for you is the same as the color of your cheeks after a few minutes of exercise.

Step 7: Apply some mascara to both your top and bottom eyelashes, creating a thicker covering on the outer lashes. To create an appearance of fuller, longer lashes, wait for the first coat to dry and then apply a second coat.

Step 8: Fill in your entire lip with a creamy lip pencil for longer lasting color. Then, use your finger or a brush to apply gloss on top. The gloss will give you a sexy, wet-lip look. Choose your lip color based upon your complexion, the color of your dress, and how much you want your lips to stand out.

Step 9: Choose a couple of ideas from the list of Glamour Beauty Tips to add a dash of extra glamour to your appearance.

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