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Surviving Prom Night Without a Date

Prom night is almost here, and, for whatever reason, you don’t have a date. You may have just gone through a nasty breakup with your boyfriend, or you may be the new girl in school. While movies and popular culture will tell you that you have to have a dreamy date who will escort you to prom in a limousine in order to enjoy the true prom experience, we simply do not agree. You should not have to wallow in your room and listen to angry rock music while all of your friends have fun at prom, simply because you did not secure a date. This is your prom, and you have just as much right as anybody to enjoy it to the fullest. If it’s not yet too late, you may want to consider asking a boy to prom yourself. In the age of the new millennium, boys do not always have to do the asking. If you’re getting down to crunch time and all the good catches are taken, check out our tips below to have a fun and fulfilling prom without a date.

  1. Party with your friends on prom night. Prom doesn’t have to be a two-by-two, guy and girl affair to be fun. Try getting together with a group of your friends (the guy and girl ratio does not have to be even). You can perform all of the group dances together and share a huge table. When it comes time for slow dancing, pair up, but allow trades. This way, every group member can have at least one slow dance.
  2. Start a singles mixer. There may be more people at your school in your situation than you think. A week before prom, start advertising around your school for a singles mixer to be held at the prom. Knowing there will be a definite group to join will help other singles feel more comfortable about attending prom alone, and you may just find the boy of your dreams there.
  3. Enjoy dancing with yourself. Years ago, Billy Idol performed a song about the joys of dancing alone. Among the benefits listed, he included the ideas that “there’s nothing to lose” and “nothing to prove.” On prom night, wholeheartedly embrace yourself and dance the night away, even if you’re dancing alone. You won’t have to worry about anyone stepping on your toes, and you may just start a new trend.
Attending prom without a date does not have to be embarrassing or shameful. If you find yourself without a date when prom night comes around, we hope you will go and enjoy spending time with the person you love most in the world-yourself.

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