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Accessories For Your Prom Dress

Once you have your prom dress, shoes, and hairstyle selected, accessories will add the final touch to a stunning prom ensemble. Check out our ideas below for the most fashionable and fun prom purses and jewelry.

Prom Purses

A stylish purse not only serves to keep all of your essential items with you and together; it can also be a fun addition to your prom outfit. The most popular purse styles for formal events are the clutch and handbag. You will find many different purses in each of these styles that will add that final bit of fashionable flare to your outfit. However, keep these tips in mind while shopping:
  • A clutch is very cute and fashionable, but, because it does not have a handle, one hand is always occupied with it. If you plan on doing a lot of dancing or want to have both hands free, consider checking your purse at the door or choosing a style with a handle.
  • Your prom purse does not have to exactly match the color of your dress. In fact, if you’d like to draw more attention to your dress and to yourself, look for a purse in a contrasting yet complementary color. For example, a silvery rhinestone purse with a black dress is very chic.
  • An evening purse is often much more extravagant than an everyday purse. When looking for your prom purse, feel free to choose a purse with plenty of extras (ribbons, feathers, jewels, etc.); this type of purse will be a perfect complement to your prom dress.
  • Remember to buy a purse large enough to hold your essential items. Your purse should have enough room (at minimum) to hold your I.D., some extra cash, your prom tickets, your cell phone, lip gloss, a small powder compact, and breath mints or spray.

Prom Jewelry

The jewelry you choose to wear with your prom dress depends entirely upon your own personal taste and the style of your prom dress. If you like flashy jewelry and lots of it, feel free to dress yourself to the nines on prom night. If you generally shy away from too much jewelry, a simple necklace and pair of earrings should be enough to jazz up your look. For the right look with your jewelry, keep the following tips in mind:
  • Overall, rhinestones are the most popular choice for prom night jewelry. They are very elegant and add the perfect dressed-up look to your prom style. If your dress or shoes contain rhinestones, remember to look for rhinestone jewelry in the same size and shape for a perfectly pulled-together look.
  • The length and style of your necklace should depend upon the neckline of your prom dress. If your neckline drops low or plunges, look for a long necklace to decorate bare skin in your neck and chest. If your neckline is high, choose a shorter necklace style (such as a choker) to offer equal play to both the necklace and dress.
  • Remember to decide on your prom hair style before you purchase earrings for your prom dress. If you are wearing your hair up, feel free to wear large, dangly earrings. If you are wearing your hair down, look for hoops, large studs, or other styles that will not get tangled in your hair.
  • If it complements your dress and your personal style, wear a tiara on prom night. You may never get the chance to legitimately wear princess attire again, and you do not want to waste it.

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