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The crowning moment of any prom is, of course, the coronation of the prom royalty. While proms have changed in many ways in recent decades, the pomp and grandeur of the prom court still remain the defining elements of prom. If you’re a member of the prom planning committee responsible for organizing the prom court, it’s important to start planning early so the entire nomination, voting, and coronation processes run smoothly. As early as nine weeks before prom, you should begin thinking about the details, dates, and schedule you will use for nominations, voting, and announcements. Organizing the voting and coronation ceremony is one of the most important jobs you will have on the prom planning committee, so here’s a timeline to help keep you on track:

Eight Weeks Before Prom: Marshall your best creative and artistic people to start creating promotional posters and fliers for the nominations. You’ll want to attract as many nominations as possible, so make sure the posters are flashy, interesting, and numerous enough to draw attention. Make sure the dates, times, and locations where students can submit nominations are clearly marked.

Seven Weeks Before Prom: Now that you’ve got your posters and fliers made, it’s time to start distributing them. Organize your prom crew early one morning to decorate halls, lockers, bulletin boards, and any other allowable surface with your flashy posters. You should also delegate a few members of your committee to stand out in the doorways ready to greet students with fliers.

Six Weeks Before Prom: You’ve started the buzz and now it’s time to get down to accepting nominations. Pick a few places in the school that get a lot of traffic and put down some tables complete with ballots, ballot boxes, pens, and a couple of committee members to accept the nominations and draw more students to the tables. After a couple of days accepting nominations, plan a pizza party evening for your committee to count the votes. You should select the three top vote getters for each court title as your nominees.

Five Weeks Before Prom: It’s time to announce the nominees to the eager student body! Be sure to make the announcement exciting, so you can continue to build buzz about the quickly approaching prom; this should help your ticket sales!

Four Weeks Before Prom: Now is a perfect time to shop for the coronation supplies. Crowns and sashes are traditional and always acceptable, but it might be a fun idea to adorn the members of the prom court with something that fits the theme of your prom. Be creative and use your imagination to make the ceremony more fun.

Three Weeks Before Prom: It’s time to start promoting the voting again. You may be able to reuse some of your posters and fliers from the nomination process, but be sure to update the voting dates. You should also create customized ballots with the nominees’ names and the positions they are running for.

Two Weeks Before Prom: Time to vote again! The process should be pretty much the same as the nomination vote a few weeks before, but you may want to have a faculty member help with the count to be sure there are no disputed title winners.

One Week Before Prom: Take some time to finalize all of your plans for the coronation ceremony. You should plan the timeline, assign a committee member to bring and distribute the coronation gifts to the prom royalty, and prepare something for the MC to say when announcing the royalty. If you have everything set up now, your preparation will definitely pay off during the excitement of prom night.

Prom Night: Before the prom starts, make sure each of your committee members knows his or her responsibility for the coronation ceremony and all of your supplies are in place. Give the wording you’ve prepared for the ceremony to the DJ and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor as the new prom king and queen are announced.
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