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If you’re like most teens heading to the prom, you’re probably a little concerned about the dancing element of the night. The prom is many things, but it is first and foremost a dance, and your date and friends will most likely expect you to get out on the dance floor at least a few times during the night. If dancing is not your forte and you’re concerned about making a fool out of yourself on the floor, take a look at these tips to turn you from a wallflower to a welcome member of the festivities.

Move to the Beat: Every song, fast or slow, has a beat, and if you have any sense of rhythm, it shouldn’t take you long to find the beat once you pay attention. When a song comes on, stand to the side for a second to get the beat in your head and then grab your partner or head out solo to start moving with it. You can sway your body back and forth, bend your knees, wave your arms, or do anything to move along with the music. Once you’ve got one move down pat, you can even try adding another move for variety. Look at what those around you are doing to get some ideas about ways to move. Even moving a little bit to the music will make it look like you’re having fun.

Join in on Group Dances: There are certain songs, like “YMCA” or “Staying Alive,” with patented moves that every DJ plays at least once to get people out on the dance floor. Take the opportunity when these songs come on to run out and join the group. You’ll already know the moves required of the song, and if you look silly in the process, who cares? Everyone else does, too.

Dance with a Partner: As much fun as dancing alone can be, you’ll probably enjoy yourself more out on the dance floor if you grab a partner. If your partner seems to be feeling the beat pretty well, you’ll have an easier time feeling it yourself if you hold hands. Talking to your partner while you dance will also help to relax and distract you from your self-consciousness. You shouldn’t try to get into a deep conversation with loud music blaring in your ears, but a little small talk should help ease you into a dancing mood.

Sing along to the Music: You’ll probably recognize most of the songs played at your prom, and you’ll most likely know at least some of the lyrics. Singing along to the music as you dance will help you get into the beat and make you look like you’re into the song and having a great time. In some songs, there will even be a signature line that you can yell out with the rest of the crowd to make yourself part of the fun. Plus, if you and your dancing partner both sing along, you’ll have more fun with each other and not worry about awkward dance moves.
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