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Finding Your Prom Date - Part 1

Chances are, you’ve had your eye on a certain boy for the whole school year and nothing would make prom better or more magical than going with him. Still, there is one minor detail essential to the whole prom date: he has to ask you out! So, how do you get your dreamy crush to ask you out? While the tips below aren’t foolproof, they are certainly better than silently waiting for him to notice you as the one girl he has always been dreaming of. You’ve been watching him all year and you know his personality. Choose it from the list below and get to work on making your prom dreams come true.

Rebel Without a Cause
This guy is either in a killer punk band or a brooding artist and he is far too cool for school-sponsored events like the prom…until you come along.
Step 1: Flirt away and let him know you’re interested. You can invite him to a local concert or indie film so he sees that you have other interests besides pep rallies and school spirit. While you’re hanging out, introduce the issue of the prom to see just how against it he is. You can let him know that you agree that school events are kind of lame, but that the prom can be a fun time to hang out, rent a limo, and party into the night.
Step 2: If you begin to feel that he might be interested in you after hanging out with him (even if he’s not interested in the prom), you can try asking him to the prom yourself. He might just think the idea of you asking him is cool and anti-establishment enough to accept.

Just a Friend
You’ve had this guy friend for a couple of years or for your whole life, but you think there may be something more than just friends.
Step 1: Hang out and chat with him a little (like you do every day) to find out if he’s interested in someone else or is already dead-set on asking another girl to the prom. If he has no commitments, there are some sneaky ways to get him to ask you.
Step 2: Make an early pact with him that if neither of you ends up finding a date for the prom, you will go together. Another way is to let him know that you’d like your prom to be a completely fun night with no drama, so you’d rather go with a close friend than with some random guy. He might just pick up the hint and ask you. At the very least, you will have a fun, comfortable prom night. If romance blooms, the night only gets better.

Mystery Man
He may be the new guy in your math class or someone you’ve never gotten to know, but you definitely see some promise for a prom night meeting.
Step 1: Since you don’t really know him well, learn though the grapevine if he’s dating someone or has a serious crush. If you’re sure he’s free, run the risk of rejection and ask him to go to the prom with you. If he wants to go with you, you’ve got a date; if he doesn’t, you never really knew him, anyway.
Step 2: If your mystery man seems a little hesitant about going to the prom with you or you think he may want to do the asking, try inviting him on a more casual date first. You could go out to dinner, to the new school play, or to a movie with friends. Once he has some time to see how cute and fun you are, he may be more willing to accept your original proposal or ask you to the prom himself.

Can’t find your dream date above? Read on to learn how to woo the Shy Guy and Mr. Popularity.

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