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The Shy Guy
This guy is adorable, but you know he probably won’t get up the nerve to ask you or anyone else to the prom.
Step 1: Since you don’t really know him well, learn though the grapevine if he’s dating someone or has a serious crush. If you’re sure he’s free, run the risk of rejection and ask him to go to the prom with you. If he wants to go with you, you’ve got a date; if he doesn’t, you never really knew him, anyway.
Step 2: If your mystery man seems a little hesitant about going to the prom with you or you think he may want to do the asking, try inviting him on a more casual date first. You could go out to dinner, to the new school play, or to a movie with friends. Once he has some time to see how cute and fun you are, he may ask you to the prom himself.

Mr. Popularity
He’s one of the most popular guys in school and lots of girls would love to go out with him. Can you be the lucky one?
Step 1: This guy loves partying and good times. He goes to all the best parties with all the coolest kids. To catch his eye, let him know that you also love good times by planning an awesomely fun date. Tell him of your plans to rent a limo and dine at the coolest restaurant on prom night. Plan some fun pre-dance activities and join the prom planning committee to make sure the prom is going to be a blast. Once he sees how involved you are in making the prom a great night, he may just want you as his prom date.
Step 2: If prom is approaching quickly and you’re worried he might not ask you, try finding out from his friends if he has any other date prospects. All of your careful planning may just have escaped his attention. If his friends don’t know of any definite prom plans, try asking him to the prom. Tell him about the fun date you’ve planned and let him know that going to the prom with you would be the ultimate in good times. He may respect your fun-spirited confidence and accept. If not, you still have an awesome prom date planned.

Ending up with your ideal date for prom will help make the night fun and memorable. It may also lead to a new, meaningful relationship that will extend beyond the prom. Still, if your plans to woo your dream date don't exactly turn out successfully, remember that there are still plenty of boys who would love to go to the prom with you. This is your prom, and you should enjoy it--no matter who escorts you.

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