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Going to the organized prom will take up the bulk of the evening with your prom date, but you most likely will want to spend some time together before the prom with just you and your date or with your prom group. You can always go to dinner at a fancy restaurant in your prom attire, but why not try switching up the traditional prom night date a little with some different activities? Spending some fun time before the prom with your date and friends will help you relax, get to know one another better, and have even more fun when you do make it to the dance. Check out these ideas to make your evening before the prom just as fun and memorable as the prom itself.

Gourmet Fast Food: Have someone in your prom date group head to a fast food restaurant a little before everyone else is due to arrive carrying all the trappings of a gourmet restaurant. He or she can lay out a tablecloth and napkins with real silverware and wine glasses. Once everyone gets there (dressed to the nines, of course), you can all order your meals and eat them in a style fast food has never known before. You might feel a little silly, but you’ll have an unforgettable prom night meal to look back on. Plus, you know everyone else attending the prom will be clogging the fancy, expensive restaurants in your town while you have a fun and silly warm-up to the prom with just your date and friends.

Five-Star Home Dining: If bringing glamour to a fast food restaurant doesn’t sound quite like your style, creating the ambience of a five-star restaurant at home should make a more intimate, but still unique, prom night dinner. You and your friends can get together before the prom to decide on a menu and pass out assignments for cooking. Then, on the morning of the prom, spend a few hours cooking as much as you can beforehand and decorating your home dining area with tablecloths, fine china, soft lighting, and flowers. Once everyone arrives on the night of the prom, turn on some soft music and enjoy high dining with your friends in the intimacy of your home. You’ll appreciate the chance to talk and enjoy dinner with your prom group without the unwelcome attention of neighboring tables at a restaurant.

Dinner on the Go: If you’re the adventurous type, don’t limit yourself to the confines of tables and chairs on your prom night. Why not pack up a simple dinner to carry along, gather up your prom group, and see just what the outside world has to offer? If you live near open forests or mountains, head out into the backcountry for a private picnic in nature’s playground. Near the coast, you can head to the beach for a romantic and soothing prom night dinner by the waves. Even if you live in the middle of a city, you can always go to a park where you can sit beneath a tree, look up at the wide open sky, and enjoy a fun and simple dinner with your date and friends. The food may not be memorable, but the atmosphere certainly will be.
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