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Prom Planning Timeline

A little planning beforehand can ensure you of a magical prom night with few or no unforeseen problems or last-minute hassles. After all, the only things you want to think about on the day and night of your prom are how beautiful you look and how much fun you’re having. Follow the timeline below for guaranteed prom perfection:

One to three months in advance:
• Start looking at fashion magazines and stores for the look you want.
• Begin shopping for your prom dress, shoes, and purse.
• Once you have chosen your dress, be sure to schedule any necessary alterations.

One month before:
• Once you buy your dress, shoes, and purse, do a trial run on the entire look to make sure you like it and won’t be disappointed on prom day.
• Begin shopping for (or borrowing) the jewelry to complete your look.
• If you are having your hair or makeup done professionally for the big day, schedule appointments at the salon. Be sure not to schedule anything too late in the afternoon so you have plenty of time to get dressed and ready.
• If you are doing your hair and/or makeup yourself, begin collecting ideas for hairstyles and shopping for makeup shades to match your dress.

Two weeks before:
• Call or visit a florist to order a boutonniere for your date that complements your dress; remind your date to order a corsage for you.

One week before:
• Try your dress on one more time with your shoes and jewelry.
• Walk around your house a little (including up and down stairs) for a quick comfort check on the dress and shoes.
• If possible, have a friend take a couple of pictures of you from different angles to see if your outfit is working.
• Buy stockings and/or any other small items you may need to complete your prom outfit.
• Shop for the perfect lip and nail colors to complement your dress.
prom planning• Call to confirm your hair and makeup appointments.

One day before:
• Check that you have film or batteries for your camera. You will definitely want to capture some images of you and your friends on the big night.
• If you are doing your hair and makeup yourself, do a trial run on your chosen style to catch any problems that may come up and to time the process.
• Pick up your date’s boutonniere from the florist.
• Prepare your purse the night before to make sure you have everything you will need. You should definitely have breath mints, extra lip color and gloss, perfume, an all-in-one makeup compact for minor touch-ups, a bit of extra cash, and a cell phone.

Prom day:
• Use a pore-refining mask in the morning so your skin looks and feels fresh.
• Try to do a little bit of exercise (not too much cardio) in the morning so you feel limber and slim.
• If you are going to a beauty salon, be sure to arrive on time and wear a shirt that comes off easily so you will not ruin your hair or makeup when you are getting dressed.

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