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Prom Theme Ideas

If you’re a member of the prom planning committee, your first job should be coming up with a killer prom theme that will make your school and your committee stand out. It should also be a theme that will build excitement and momentum about the prom for the whole student body. You probably don’t want to recycle the tired “Autumn in Paris” theme your school did three years ago, but if you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips to get you going. You may also want to check out some of the ready-made prom themes below for ideas.


  • Try to get as many people in the student body involved in the idea process as possible. Having lots of students involved gives you more creative ideas to work with and helps everyone feel like an invested part of the prom. You could consider hosting a contest where anyone can submit a prom theme idea with the creator of the winning theme receiving an honorary membership in the prom court.
  • Think about romantic or exciting destinations that could inspire a fun prom theme. Paris may be overdone, but a Hawaiian luau, a night in an Egyptian pyramid, or a Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans may be fresh ideas for your school.
  • Try centering your prom theme around a popular movie or song. You could decorate the venue like the set of the movie or pick themes from the song to generate decoration and costume ideas.
  • Order prom catalogs to see what other schools have done in the past. You can always modify a theme idea to make it more creative and a better fit with your student body.
  • As you choose your prom theme, remember to keep the limitations of your budget and venue in mind. It’s easy to get carried away with excitement about a great theme idea before you realize it just won’t be possible. Also, be sure to clear any potential prom theme ideas with your teachers or advisors before you lock in on a theme.
Ready-Made Themes
  • Captured in a Dream: Decorate the gym with soft clouds, moons, stars, and dream catchers and encourage the students to dress as characters from their dreams. Instead of tables and chairs, you can offer bean bags and large pillows as resting places.
  • The Roaring 20’s: This may be a theme that’s been done before, but the costumes and the music from the 20’s always make a glamorous prom. Be sure to have the DJ play plenty of swing music and encourage everyone to dance; you can even offer some after-school swing dancing classes in the weeks leading up to the prom.
  • Casino Royale: Nothing says glitz and glam like a top-of-the-line Las Vegas casino. Turn your prom into a party straight off the strip with paper money gambling and mocktails. It’s great entertainment for those who choose not to dance, and it should be a memorable night for everyone involved.
  • Retro Night: The 1980s offer some classic music and costume ideas that would be a perfect fit for prom. Plus, since only a couple of decades have passed since Michael Jackson was still the king of pop, the idea is still fresh. Pass some Madonna tracks to the DJ and decorate the gym with 80s memorabilia for a night to remember.
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