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The Right Bra for Your Prom Dress

With all the attention focused on selecting the right prom dress, finding the right bra to accompany that dress frequently takes a back seat. Prom dresses often require specialized bras for the right look, and your regular department store bra will likely not make the cut. If you’re not sure what type of bra you should be wearing on prom night, look for your dress style below to find the perfect accompanying bra. Then, check out our tips for determining your bra size (you may just be surprised by your true size).

Strapless or Bandeau: A strapless prom dress generally requires a strapless bra to accompany it. Look for a bra that includes boning in the band and the sides of the cups. The boning will support your breasts without the help of shoulder straps. You may also want to look for a bra with adhesive strips to help keep the cups in place.

Plunging Neckline: Plunging necklines are very sexy, but they can make wearing a bra difficult. For the right look in your dress, find a demi-cup bra with an underwire and extra padding to enhance your cleavage. Be sure to bring your prom dress in with you when you are trying the bra on. You do not want any bra cups peeking out from under your dress on the big night.

Backless: If you are wearing a backless prom dress, you will need to look for a strapless, bandless bra. Because the bra has no straps or band to support your breasts, be sure that it contains adhesive tabs on the cup linings to secure it. A bandless bra will offer you support without ruining the image of your naked back.

Silhouette Hugging: If your dress hugs curves in all the right places, you might want to wear a full-torso bra. Look for a bra in a thick, tight microfiber that extends all the way from your breasts to your hipbones. The bra will smooth out your curves and keep you looking sexy and slender in your dress.

Halter Neck: A halter prom dress requires a halter bra for the right appearance. Look for a bra with adjustable straps that extend around your neck, rather than over your shoulders. The bra straps should be thin enough to slide under the straps of your dress for a completely hidden look.

The perfect look in a prom dress requires the right bra size. If you are unsure of your size, click here to learn How to Determine Your Bra Size.

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